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An ISO 9001:2015 accredited company,founded in 2014 by experts from Prefabricated field,Located in Chandigarh(India),SATMAX SOLUTIONS is a pioneering solution provider for pre-fabricated, Pre-engineered and modular buildings. With a fast-growing infrastructure in the country, this off-site system of construction is quick, customized, reliable, high quality, economical and efficient. It can be scaled up to meet the large volume demand for all kinds of applications. SATMAX building systems cut down construction time by more than 50 per cent while retaining the same exact specifications and standards of quality and design.Prefabricated construction by SATMAX has lower labour requirements, minimal on-site work, remains largely unaffected by harsh weather and eradicates on-site wastages and inaccuracies. The materials used are recyclable, costs are fixed and construction is movable and modifiable at a later date. read more>>

About Us


A: Prefabricated construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the Prefabricated materials and designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities.
A: It is just as good and often better than conventional constructed buildings. If the building is maintained properly,it should last as long as any other building.
A: Delivery schedules are a function of current manufacturing backlog, the size and complexity of the building and the availability of specialty materials. However, our manufacturing process is able to deliver on an accelerated timeline. We make use of the latest in construction technology and modern manufacturing methods. By operating indoors, the builder avoids the disruption of weather delays. In addition, construction of the building occurs at the same time as the site work. Whereas conventional building moves on a consecutive timeline (foundation first, building second and so on), the Prefabricated process is concurrent. On average,Prefabricated construction reduces timelines upto 50% or even more versus conventional construction. Below is a comparison of the typical timelines Prefabricated versus conventional construction
A: Yes,Satmax Prefabricated buildings can easily be relocated or expanded as per client requirements.
A: SATMAX Prefabricated Buildings are constructed from materials that are recyclable, reconstituted or sustainably sourced. Fully welded or nut bolted structural steel frames and the insulated PUF Sandwich panels are used as wall and roof components. Windows may be of Aluminium,GPSP or UPVC as per the client requirements.Similarly Doors may be of Aluminium,Sandwich Panels or Steel depending upon client requirement or budget.
A: Depending upon the size and economical viability of the project,Satmax can undertake project in any part of India.In fact Satmax has already delivered many projects successfully in North,South,East and West parts of country.Satmax has also made its global footprints by delivering a project in Botswana,Africa recently.
A: Life cycle cost of Satmax Prefabricated buildings is lesser as compared to that of Conventional buildings.So these are cost effective buildings.moreover there are huge energy cost saving due to usage of insulated panels as roof and wall components.
A: SATMAX buildings must meet or exceed applicable local, state and national codes. The buildings are engineered to meet these codes and the engineered plans are approved by the client or their third-party representative(if required) prior to construction.
A: Yes. Your Satmax Prefabricated building is covered by a 6-month defects liability period and a 5-year warranty on structural components.
A: Yes. We’ll help you define your project and design a customised prefabricated building to meet your specific needs.




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